Tujoh Kuntom seamlessly blends the timeless elegance of classic Malay fashion with contemporary minimalism, creating unique, handcrafted masterpieces that pay homage to our rich cultural heritage while setting new trends in Malaysia's fashion landscape.


About Tujoh Kuntom

At Tujoh Kuntom, our fashion ethos is anchored in two fundamental elements: Minimalism and Classicism. Together, they meld into a distinctive style we affectionately term ‘Minimalis Bertemu Klasik.’ As a vanguard of minimalist classic fashion in Malaysia, we emphasize a refined, understated aesthetic—often described as a ‘polos look’—infused with traditional Malay influences.

Our brand has garnered recognition on esteemed platforms such as Nona TV3, been highlighted in the KOSMO newspaper, and featured across various digital media outlets, solidifying our position as a frontrunner in Malaysia’s traditional fashion scene. Tujoh Kuntom specializes in bespoke wedding ensembles for both brides and grooms, alongside a curated selection of ready-to-wear classic attire suitable for an array of occasions. In addition, we take pride in offering an exquisite range of Malay traditional accessories.

Tujoh Kuntom’s clientele extends beyond the borders of Malaysia, reaching discerning individuals in Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia, who appreciate our commitment to quality, tradition, and timeless style.

Meaning Behind Our Log

Our logo embodies the essence of Tujoh Kuntom, encapsulating our commitment to craftsmanship and cultural heritage. 

**Threads & Needles:** These elements symbolize the genesis of our creations, where raw materials are meticulously transformed into exquisite masterpieces. Each thread and needle underpins our dedication to bespoke design, crafted from the ground up with precision and care.

**Jawi Script – ‘Ta’, ‘Kaf’, & ‘Wau’:** In homage to the rich tradition of calligraphy that once flourished across the Malay Peninsula, our logo incorporates the Jawi characters for ‘Ta’, ‘Kaf’, and ‘Wau’. This choice reflects not merely an aesthetic preference but a deep-seated reverence for our cultural roots, signaling Tujoh Kuntom’s identity as a custodian of heritage.

**Color Palette:** The distinctive green backdrop of our logo stands as a hallmark of our brand, setting a vibrant stage for the elegance of gold typography and embellishments. This choice is inspired by the traditional ‘sulam goyang tangan’, a technique known for its intricate gold threadwork, which is emblematic of Tujoh Kuntom’s renowned craftsmanship.

Together, these elements convey the story of Tujoh Kuntom — a brand where tradition meets artistry, where heritage is woven into every creation, and where every piece is a testament to the enduring beauty of Malay culture.